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  • Note
    • Please be responsible and careful about the information you enter into this system. Any information you enter such as emails etc. may be seen by people you do not expect, particularly in resolving problems or in the use of audit facilities.
    • This system has new and updated function from time to time. Therefore please watch out for its operation. From time to time problems or 'bugs' may become evident. On all screens (except for this one) in the upper right there is an option for you to enter information on any problems you may be experiencing. Immediately below that is an option for you to make system related suggestions. Both these will be forwarded by email to the Web Site Administrator.
    • On some screens, where appropriate, there is a guidance facility to assist you with that function. This is activated by selecting the 'Guidance' option in the top right when it is shown, immediately to the left of the 'Log out' option.
    • This system has a session timeout of 24 minutes. If you take longer than that to enter information such as a long email, description etc the system may timeout and you will lose whatever you have entered. In these cases it is recommended that you formulate your text elsewhere such as a word editor and copy and past it into the text entry area in this system.
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