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RunAClub - An Administrative Solution for Clubs and Associations.

The club administration system has been developed with a simple objective in mind, to make the running of a club as easy as is practical for the office holders and members whilst being low cost and functional. It targets those with some of the higher workloads, the membership secretary, the treasurer and those responsible for organizing the activities of the club. It does this by making it easy for members to take responsibility for their own information and providing facilities to make being a member easier and a more rewarding experience. The system is implemented as a web based application which is accessible both to the officers and the membership from anywhere that has internet access. The degree of access is determined by the responsibility of the office bearer, with the general member only being able to access the facilities and information they need. It makes the transfer of office positions much easier, simply by changing the position records on the system as the occupier of offices changes.

We have a demonstration system which you can use to familiarise yourself with the facilities this system provides. It allows you to sign on as a normal member or one of the main office bearers so you can look at and use the facilities a person in that position would use. To access the demonstration system click on the following link.

Demonstration system

U3A Western Suburbs

Some Important Characteristics of the Sytem Are :

- The system is protected by a sign on and password. The sign on can either be the membership number or a unique sign on each member decides for themselves. The password is one way encrypted so that it cannot be retrieved.
- All the important personal data such as phone numbers, addresses etc. are protected by being encrypted in the database.
- Members have the ability to restrict who has access to their contact information such as phone numbers etc.
- The system can be accessed from small screen devices such as iPhones, smart phones etc.
- Facilities are provided to include visitors, give them limited access and have them included in events with the hope they will become full members.
- Full history is retained online and is available on a need to know basis at all times.
- There are facilities to run special interest groups amongst the membership.
- The system can be tailored to reflect your organizations look and feel by changing the logo, colours, and the background images.
- Many of the features and facilities can be enabled/disabled to more closely reflect your organisations operation.
- A facility is provided so that you and your members can make suggestions for enhancements so that your organisation can be better served.

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